Wilderness Orienteering Adventure
Team Building Program

Overview – The wilderness orienteering adventure team building program is a business simulation activity which takes place in a large remote outdoor area. Participants are divided into smaller teams and tasked with finding specific items, using orienteering technology. Each item is critical to achieving the overall mission.

Each team is given a map of the wilderness area, a gps system or compass and clues which lead them to different waypoints. Teams intersect at different points along the wilderness adventure route and must exchange information and offer support if they are to be successful.

This type of team building is very effective. There are variations of how this program is delivered. If you select the overnight camping option, then the participants camp outside in their 6 man tents. There is a list of games and activities for the group, which will enable them to use their skills in orienteering. The activity is designed such that the participants will further develop the said skill and in the long run, make them better team players. This team building activity is good for companies who want to have a different but effective kind of team building.

The wilderness orienteering adventure is challenging, dynamic and loaded with business related metaphors. Participants will be encouraged to build trust, think strategically, play to each other’s strengths, manage limited resources effectively and sacrifice self interest in order to see the entire team succeed.

Facilitation – At the end of each stage of the wilderness orienteering adventure activites the facilitator(s) lead participants in a debrief of the team dynamics. Insights are gained around effective team process, the role each individual plays in making or breaking a team and the dynamics of supporting others so the entire company wins.

Professional facilitation is KEY to having the wilderness orienteering adventure event add value to your organization. It is not enough to go out and have a good time together with your work mates, the connections must be made back to the workplace for the wilderness adventure team building event to have impact.

Program Location – The wilderness orienteering adventure team building program can take place in any large, outdoor setting. It works best in locations with several acres of hiking trails and access to a nearby meeting lodge.

Program Length – The wilderness adventure works as a half day (4 hours) or a full day (7 hours) program. This team building event can be easily added to a conference, business meeting or sales training.

Wilderness Orienteering Adventure Program Business Results
The day ends with a 60 minute business application and goal setting workshop. This dynamically ties the orienteering adventure to deliverable business results. Each participant walks away from the day not only bonded deeper with their team mates, but with a specific step-by-step action plan related to how they will support team efforts back on the job.

The following elements are included with the Wilderness Orienteering Adventure Team Building Program:

  • An initial assessment to determine company and team blockages, challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Custom designed wilderness adventure course unique for your organization.
  • Wilderness adventure introductory kickoff, overview, warm-up activity and team assignments.
  • GPS (global positioning sattelite) systems or compasses to guide your team through the¬†wilderness adventure team building program.
  • Wilderness adventure maps, waypoint markers, clues, riddles and team building challenges.
  • Professionally facilitated debrief which links the wilderness adventure business simulation to work related applications.
  • Workplace goals and action plan commitments (with the full day wilderness adventure program only).
  • 150% return on investment guarantee (with the full day wilderness adventure program only.)
  • 3 executive coaching sessions to support the wilderness adventure business applications.

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