Team Building Exercises & Programs

Team Building USA has several team building exercises and programs you can choose from – everything from scavenger hunts held downtown in your favorite city, to orienteering adventures in the woods far away from any urban center. We offer management development training, executive team building programs, corporate team building retreats and youth programs. Every team building exercise and program is custom tailored to deliver the outcome you want. Listed below are the team building exercises and programs we offer.

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Team Building Programs

Corporate Meetings & Conferences Scavenger Hunt (Vegas, NY, Miami, etc)
Indoor Team Challenge Management Development Training
Wilderness Adventure Sales Success
Canoeing Orienteering Adventure Murder Mystery Game
Game Show* Youth Programs
Church Ministry Leaders Retreat Ropes Course*
Whitewater Rafting* Morale Booster Outdoor Team Challenge
Lost Duchman’s Gold Mine®* Executive Team Building

Note: Go to instant quote online for a price quote on the programs listed above. Team building programs with an asterisk require additional fees due to equipment rental.

Team Building Program Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Step II) D.i.S.C. Personal Profile®
Denizon Organizational Culture Assessment® FIRO-B®
Change Style Indicator® Natural Church Development
Campbell Leadership Index® SKILLSCOPE® (360)
Value Card Sort Benchmarks® (360)

Team Building Exercises

Cup of Dreams Acid River
Quality Web Hammeroid
Customer Connection Marble Roll
Group Juggle Birthday Shuffle
5 Pointed Star Blind Square
Trust Walk Corporate Maze
Trollies Helium Pole
Bull Ring Baseball String 3-D Minefield
Traffic Jam Astronaut Rescue
Creating a World Leader Commitment Bridge
Mohawk Walk Calculator
Cork in the Bottle Hollow Squares
Tinker Toy Tower of Triumph Shrinking Circles
Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe Triple Tug of War
Change Challenge Crossing the Line
Water Tower

Management Training Workshops

Conflict Resolution Building High Performance Teams
Strategic Planning Managing Change
Leading Organizational Change Creating Sensational Customer Service
Effective Delegation Coaching for Results
Communication Skills Managing Difficult People
Brainstorming Breakthroughs Goal Setting
Time Management for Busy Execs 5 Levels of Effective Decision Making


Here are some photos of a recent youth team building day.


The hammeroid team building exercise challenges participants to suspend a hammer in mid-air using only a string and a 12 inch ruler. The only thing allowed to touch the table is 1/2 of an inch of the ruler. This activity brings out innovation, teamwork and communication.


The acid river team building exercise is a large puzzle which requires a leader with vision to step forward and lead the team to victory. Outcomes include effective planning, communicating vision and team bonding.


The quality web team building exercise requires each team member to go through a hole in the web without touching the string. Some holes are easy, some are very difficult. Quality is determined by no touches. Outcomes include best use of limited resources, customer satisfaction and increased commitment to a quality product.