Small Business Consulting

Every Winner Has a Coach

Every great athlete has a coach in their corner; someone to encourage them, give honest feedback, provide resources and deepen skills. It is not enough to rely on hard work and natural talent to excel in the competitive world of business today – you must have an edge. An executive coach gives you the advantage.

The First Coaching Session Will Solve One of Your Biggest Headaches

The first coaching session has three objectives:

  1. Get to know your coach – see if there is a fit between your needs and the coach’s expertise.
  2. Identify a problem that you are responsible for. Preferably this is a problem that you are frustrated with and have had on your plate for a while. It should be in an area where you need a big win right away.
  3. Define with your coach the best solution. Turn that course of action into a specific goal with measurable steps and timeline.

It Takes Just One Hour of Your Time To Achieve a Performance Breakthrough

Your coach will offer you expertise, an objective listening ear and the outside stimulus you need to get that problem solved. We hope you will agree that accomplishing these three objectives is worth investing one hour of your time. The risk is on us, so you have nothing to lose by trying. We have absolute confidence that we can effectively coach you to solve real world problems, but you won’t know until you try.

The First Session Is Free

We give you the first coaching session free to prove that you will receive strong value for your investment.Team Building USA has the best Executive Coaches in business today. Our coaches are seasoned professionals who know your world and can help you negotiate the obstacles you are facing right now successfully.

The Problem Isn’t Going Away Until You Take Action – So Act Now

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