Not Your Average Murder Mystery Game
It’s a Team Building Activity

High-Society Charity Ball

Who Done It? The Murder Mystery Game Team Building Activity

This team building murder mystery game is unlike any you have seen before. Most murder mystery games are either run by hired actors (with most participants playing the role of bystander) or out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all pre-scripted stories where one guest is knocked off and the rest have to guess whodunit.

Murder Mystery Game – with a twist

Unlike other murder mystery games, this one is a true team building event. First of all there is no murder, so no one dies and has to sit out of the
game. Instead, this team building activity centers around a cluster of team building games played within the context of a high-society charity ball. You and each of your team mates select from over 100 characters to play. One character is secretly designated the thief and they “steal” the pretend millions which have been raised at the high-society charity ball. At that point the sleuthing begins.

Catching a Thief – Team Building Style

Each guest is given an envelope at the beginning of the game with various player background cards. These cards identify interesting and unique quirks, hobbies, experiences and achievements of their character. As participants mingle player cards are exchanged. The more cards a player gathers the more clues they get to who the thief might be. Thief cards (that identify the background of the thief) can be won by successfully completing team building games.

Players are grouped into teams and compare their cards and clues. Teams must come to consensus and formal accusations are made as to which player is suspected to be the thief. However, before the thief is revealed…

Facilitating Team Learning

The Team Building USA facilitator (who also plays the role of Master of Ceremonies) leads a discussion which links the dynamics of the murder mystery game to the parallels found in your company. The group explores the destructive side of work relationships (keeping secrets, spreading rumors, mistrust) as well as the positive side of teamwork (collaborating with your team mates, getting to know each other better, making problem solving fun). Each person is challenged to select one behavior to change back at work which will help their team go to the next level.

Bonus – You Help Needy Children

10% of the fee your company pays for this murder mystery game is donated in your name to a charity which helps needy children in poor countries. The donated money is used to sponsor a child providing food, clothing, medical care and an education. Use this team building activity to strengthen your work team and provide hope for a needy child. Both will thank you.

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You Select From Over 100 Characters to Play

Character Names – Female

Abby Gutzman - Frantic Personal Trainer

Betty Tripp - Frazzled Mom working five part-time jobs

Daisy Splash – Impatient amusement park tour guide

Sadie Plumkin – Kindergarten teacher with a past

Dr Susie Huggaby – Inner Child Play Therapist

Adele Miller-King – Kleptomaniac Realtor

Flo Morgan – Paranoid Psychic

Sabrina Short - Ace computer programmer and caffeine addict

Sunshine Weststreet – Aspiring country music singer

Clara Tinosisafin – Hypochondriac group therapist

Alexandra Kieves - Ambassador to a small European country

Coco Collier – Dog walker and police snitch

Alexis Singleton – Snowboarder and perpetual dating service user

Katrina True – Dishonest personal assistant to famous actress

Ann Smart – 5 time Jeopardy winner

Doria Spillane – Misinformed private investigator

Ashland Graybill – Eccentric Parrot Breeder and Amazon Adventurer

Barbie Kendahl - Newly Licensed Plastic Surgeon

Crystal Briggs – Soap opera makeup artist and paparazzi informant

Bisby Mandrake – CEO of successful internet company

Savannah Joy - Professional infomercial actress

Julianne Harrington - Car Dealership TV spokeswoman

Kat Milano – Pet trainer to the stars

Blaire Collinsworth – Political Consultant who’s pretty sure she’ll be first woman President

Ginger Rosado – Domestic goddess and coupon cutting super saver

Mary Smith – Housewife and part time stuntwoman

Bobbie Waters - Baywatch lifeguard stand-in

Julia Knockovitch - Diamond Jeweler and part time fence

Cameron Blue – Laid Back Surfer Chick

Mona Glitz - Nervous paparazzi photographer

Cherry DiMaggio – All thumbs TV chef

Erin O’Malley – Belly dancing, Star Trek Fan

Helga Frye – Abrasive Nurse with an attitude

Megan Lantana – Morning Show Co-Host renegotiating her contract

Desiree Calouette – Arachnophobic school principal

Libby St. James - Self Conscious Fashion Model

Nora Doolittle - jumpy secret service body guard

Haley Knowles – Syndicated gossip columnist

Genie Hopkins – Memorabilia Collector

Dolly Eberhart – Donut Factory Manager With Big Dreams

Verna Knight - College Professor with narcolepsy

Kay Pleasance – Overly Agreeable Politician

Dora Medula - Concierge with short term memory loss

Lydia Hart – Self Absorbed Millionaire Philanthropist

Nicolette Osbrey - Brain surgeon and chronic overachiever

Rachel Lynn Darlington – Librarian moonlighting as a stand up comic

Georgina Lowden – Overexcited Talk Show Host

Virginia Steel – Tough as nails Navy Seal

Shirley Fluffington – Barney songwriter and PBS children’s show consultant

Ronnie Hammel – Vegetarian Fish and Game Warden

Gracie Livingston – City Coroner and Practical Joker

Porsche Vogel – B Movie Actress looking for a break

Heidi Panahsh – Overly controlling wedding planner

Mavis Scavetto – Organic Rancher living off the grid

Jana Salvatori - Shady lady in the witness protection program

Penny Grist - Hollywood Script Writer

Nicole Leonard - Workout infomercial extra and professional kickboxer

Jennifer Lajoye – Street Racing Dental Hygienist

Jillian Borelli – Compulsively Lying Travel Agent

Shayna Sweet – Top performing bill collector

Trisha White - Faith healer and itinerate full-gospel preacher

Samantha Sam Harrison – NRA PR director

Kay Thorne – Too Quick to correct Golf Instructor

Mildred Pedigree – World renowned antique art expert

Matilda Busby – Recently Heartbroken Australian Transplant

Star Meadows – Flower Child Florist

Lyla Purloin – Secret shopper who likes to haggle

Olga Nanacourte – Pet therapist

Pat Blanton - lady truck driver

Paulina Bounder – Overage foreign exchange student who loves to travel

Serena Song – World’s top hand model

Sasha Bray - Cruise ship Salsa Dance Instructor

Kellie McCullough – Jingle Writer and Rock Star

Tiffany Buckles – Valley Girl Shop-a-holic

Natalie Churwood – Whole food grocer & political activist

Character Names – Male

Dakota Slim – Rodeo circuit cowboy and Marlboro man model

Jim hit me Quinn – Professional gambler on the run

Perkin Dudley (call me Rocko) – Rocket scientist with 371 patents

Buzz – Motorcycle biker dude and part time poet

Clint Flynt – Pyromaniac fireman on the edge

Buck Sinclair - Big game hunter with fascinating stories

Wes Remington - Computer security expert and occasional hacker

Mickey Ruby – Generous-to-a-fault bighearted loan shark

Shakespeare Jones – Compulsive finger snapping repo guy

Jimbo Bottomly – Ghostwriter and UFO Researcher

Luke Straight – Health insurance salesman with a quirky habit

Owen Kidd - Personal injury attorney who loves to tell lawyer jokes

Hank Murphy – ESPN Stats Manager and Rabid Sports Fan

Clyde Denton – Amateur beer brewer and conspiracy theorist

Nate Reed – Park Ranger with genius level IQ

Monty Seagroves – Stuck in the 60’s Surf Shop Owner

Ned Schuvette – Hermit germophobe using this party as therapy

Vaughn McCordis – Ex-Football hero and anger management group therapist

Rock Spellman – Grandiose mayor of a tiny, tiny town

Dr. Gabriel Spillman - Psychologist who can’t keep a confidence

Patrick Hoffenbrau - Parking valet and David Hasselhoff’s most obsessed fan

Dr. Lindsy Kindman – School psychologist and part-time jazz musician

Eddie O’Brian – Cheery town drunk

Frank Brewer – Coffee Shop Owner Who’s Always Half Asleep

Romero DeLucia – Melodramatic movie director

Ike the strike Zinger – professional bowler

Ikiki Ubutt – Martial artist and personal trainer to Hollywood elite

Fabian Lameaux – Flamboyant cheerleading coach

Mortimer Graves- Jolly, Happy Undertaker

J.J. Weiss – Engineer by day, KISS cover band guitarist by night

Jack Nimble – Gymnastic bronze medalist with sudden mood swings

Slade McCain - Helicopter traffic reporter

Jackson Jablonski - Allergic Rodeo Clown

Roark DiMaggio aka Roslyn Dawn – Best selling romance author

Marteen Giuseppe – Easily impressed fashion critic

Spencer Hill - Spy posing as legitimate businessman

Murder Mystery Game Character Descriptions – Click Here

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