Job Search Strategy

Your job search strategy will not only determine your next job, but impact
how much money you will make (or not make) and how satisfying
your life will be over the next several years.

Our coaching is here to help you through one of the most difficult periods of life you will face – the transition time between jobs. Whatever the reason you are switching jobs, this is the perfect time to re-focus and establish a job search strategy that will get you the job you want. Why waste any more years floundering in an unsatisfying career? Why take less money than you are worth? We encourage you to use this time of transition to focus on what you really want – and set up a job search strategy that will get you there. We are especially good at helping clients who want to get into an entirely new career.

Here is an overview of our Four-Session
Job Search Strategy coaching process:

1. Resume, Cover Letter and Job Hunting Resources

Most resumes follow the "responsibilities included" format. This approach guarantees your resume to look average – no matter how much experience you have. Hiring managers don’t care all that much about what responsibilities you’ve had in the past, they care about something else – the results you can bring right now. This first session will teach you how to transform your resume from an average "responsibilities included" to a powerful and quantifiable "results achieved" that will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Focus, Goals and Attitude

When you are job hunting doors will not open to you until you get specific. Having the attitude "I’ll take whatever comes along" will only prolong your unemployment. You must get laser-focused and go after exactly what you want. Additionally, the discouragement and set backs of job hunting are powerful forces you must prepare for – and overcome. This session will help you get focused, set goals and encourage you to get that job you really want.

3. Getting the Job You Want – Networking

The perfect job is out there waiting for you. The problem is, you probably don’t know where it is, or who to talk to about it. This session will coach you on the key strategies you need to find that job and become the first person to apply for it.

4. Interviewing Skills

Most job seekers go into interviews nervous and reactive. They don’t understand how to position themselves in the most positive light. Additionally, they usually have no idea what questions might be thrown at them, which means they are likely to come across as unprepared in the interview. This closing session will coach you on the most common questions asked in interviews, how to prepare answers that will cause you to shine and when and how to negotiate salary.


Each coaching session can be purchased individually at $200.00 each. Or you can select all four coaching sessions for the discounted price of $495.00. Coaching sessions are usually 1 hour in length, held via phone and supported with email. Coaching sessions are scheduled to fit your calendar.

Call us for answers to any questions and to see if what we offer is right for you. We can be reached at (866) 351-TEAM (8326).