Bikes for Kids Charity Event
Team Building Activity


We partner your company with a local Boy’s & Girl’s club from where the event is held. The event brings in the children and they become part of your team so the bikes can be custom fit to each child. Watching these children’s faces light up with delight is one of the highlights of this event.

This team building event will energize your team, help them communicate more effectively and get them active and having fun. We do this by giving each team most, but not all, the resources they need completely build the bicycles. The equipment necessary to completely finish a bicycle is found with the other teams. Teams must come together, share resources and align strategies in order to be successful.

Team Commercial Presentation

As part of the Bikes for Kids Charity event, each team is challenged to create a commercial advertising their bike. The commercials are judged on creativity, humor, teamwork and relevance to your meeting’s theme. This commercial can be tied in to any aspect of your company including: new product launch, company values, goals, meeting/conference theme, etc.

Business application

Part of the give and take between teams creates challenges around cooperation vs. competition, breaking the “silo effect” and communicating effectively across departments. The teams engage in a self-facilitated debrief and explore ideas on how to break down these barriers between teams. At the end of the debrief each team reports out to the other teams their key learning and insights.

Great indoor team building event that gives back to your community!

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